E-Z-GO 2Five

Why the rush? The 2Five® is made for finding more reasons to take the long way home. With a 48-volt AC drivetrain, a back-up camera, 3-point seat belts, and plenty of storage, our low speed vehicle (LSV) is perfect for getting lost in the sunset. Live your life well-traveled with the ultimate combination of safety, convenience and memories.

  • 48-volt AC powertrain

  • DOT street legal 205-50-10 radial tires

  • Advanced IntelliBrake™ technology


72Volt  Freedom

  • 72V ac drivetrain

  • Standard LED Headlights

  • 10" Daytona Wheels Mounted on Loadstar Tires

  • Taillights, Turn Signals & Brake Lights

  • USB Ports

  • Boosted Energy Efficiency For Further Travel


72Volt  L6

Outdo yourself by exploring more than ever before with the Express™ L6 series. With room for 6, rugged tires, and higher ground clearance, you’ll elevate everyone’s expectations for a smooth, stylish ride. Boost your drive time with the unbeatable power of our exclusive 72- volt powertrain, our maintenance-free ELiTE™ lithium battery or choose the industry’s first closed-loop EFI powertrain.


rxv elite

•  Uses 1/2 the out-of-wall energy as a lead acid golf car

•  No need to wait for a full charge to get golf cars back out on the course

•  Proven, reliable power that will not fade at the end of the day

•  15% more efficient than competitive electric golf cars

•  After 36 holes of golf, E-Z-GO ELiTE still enough battery to play another round

•  Advanced Battery Management System to monitor battery and keep in top performance


•  250 lbs lighter than other electric golf cars

•  Less wear and tear on turf keeps your course looking better, longer

•  Less money spent on turf repair


Powered by an efficient, 13.5 HP closed-loop EFI gas engine, the E-Z-GO® Valor® offers the versatility and flexibility to be tailored to your unique lifestyle. No matter your next adventure, the Valor is the perfect way to experience the world around you.


Features may include:

  • 13.5-hp gas engine

  • 12-volt maintenance free battery

  • Headlights and taillights